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Sunflower Hill Farm

The Missouri Weinstrasse, or wine route, rides next to the Katy Trail along Highway 94 in St. Charles County, Missouri. Flowered with many wineries, eateries, venues, and attractions, this area of Missouri has the most significant concentration of wineries in the state! If you ever catch yourself driving down the Weinstrasse or biking down the Katy Trail, be sure to pull off at Terry Road to check out Sunflower Hill Farm. They have an adorable cafe, the food is farm-to-table fresh, and it's delicious! Each table has a small arrangement of beautiful flowers grown right on the property. Sunflower Hill Farm is, of course, aesthetically inviting. Still, owner Karen and Event Coordinator Carla were equally welcoming when we sat around the cafe discussing the Farm's superb accommodations for weddings and events.

Photo credit: Nicki McGuire

I was surprised to learn that owners Karen and Mike never had plans for a wedding venue on the property. Originally from Chesterfield, Karen and her family moved to Augusta to Farm and enjoy the land. Guests initially noticed the Farm for its beauty. Couples would find themselves asking Karen and Mike if they could get married on the property. The first couple of events hosted by Sunflower Hill had no running water or kitchen; Hence, caterers had to bring the food hot and ready to serve. "These events were very rustic and charming," Karen mentions. After about a year and a half, Karen and Mike decided to hire a contractor and architect to help redesign the property. Before long, it became one of the most sought-after and unique wedding venues in Missouri's Wine Country.

Tucked privately away from Highway 94, the Farm is built right into the hillside. Peppered with Missouri native wildflowers, seasonal crops, and big beautiful oak trees, this place is obviously a natural beauty. Aside from the picturesque atmosphere, I found the Farm to be highly accommodating. Clients can rent the property for their Ceremony and/or Reception, but they also have the option to rent out the Farm for their entire wedding weekend. Couples can invite their bridal party out to rehearse the Ceremony, and they can host dinner there as well. The Farmhouse has room for multiple guests to spend the evening before the wedding, numerous bathrooms, and a large gorgeous kitchen to enjoy breakfast before or while getting ready the morning of the Ceremony. At the end of the night, the couple has the house to themselves, and they can wake up to a fantastic brunch. What a magical way to spend their first sunrise as a married couple.

Photo Credit: The Youngs Photo + Film

All guests will enjoy their time at the Farmhouse, and you can rest assured knowing your vendors will be at their best with the adequate light and color the house provides. This updated build is a breath of fresh air for your wedding vendors too. The big open windows and white walls prove to be nothing but helpful for makeup artists and photographers. The main level of the home is where the Bride and bridesmaids typically get ready. It allows for lots of space so that everyone has room to get prepared comfortably. The mid-level provides a relaxing atmosphere with the color and decor, large windows for lots of natural light, and a lovely wrap-around deck to enjoy the beauty at any angle. The master bedroom is luxurious, to say the least, and provides fantastic photo opportunities that clients will cherish forever.

Photo Credit: Nicki McGuire and The Youngs Photo + Film

The bottom level of the home is tailored more towards the Groom and his buddies. Video games, sports memorabilia, a bar, and couches give these boys the proper man cave to enjoy before the festivities begin. The lower level leads to easily accessible patios so the boys can discreetly toss bags or play washers. At the same time, the girls are getting pampered right upstairs.

Photo Credit: Nicki McGuire

The Farm offers a couple different options for your Ceremony. There is a beautiful outdoor space located at the top of the property that boasts a breathtaking view. They can also host your Ceremony under the patio where the Receptions are held. This is also accommodating if Mother Nature calls for the r-word (rain, there, you made me say it!). The staff does a fantastic job flipping this area (from Ceremony to Reception) during your guests' cocktail hour, where they can enjoy drinks and hors d'oeuvres.

Photo Credit: The Youngs Photo + Film and Ashley Fisher

The photo opportunities at this space are just about endless. The exterior of the Farm is just adorable. They grow native Missouri flowers (these can also be used for bouquets or decor for your wedding!) that offer a lovely backdrop. Augusta, Missouri, is known for its rolling fields and hilltop views, so the broad landscape of the property is incredible, but the oak trees are what's truly unique. Growing on the Farm for years and years, owner Karen says, "I don't let just anyone cut the grass by these trees." Although the owners and landscape may have changed, these large oak trees have grown and shed leaves for years. They are old and well taken care of, just like the rest of the property. The overflowing shade these trees provide can prove to be your go-to place for photos on a hot summer day. Having all these excellent photo possibilities helps a couple and bridal party feel more relaxed during the wedding day.

Photo Credit: The Youngs Photo + Film

When the wedding is over, and the photos are taken, it's time for everyone to sit down and enjoy a meal. The reception space is covered, but it's also open so you can breathe in the fresh night air. The staff does a great job at paying attention to the temperature. Space heaters can be placed around in case the night air gets a little too chilly.

The best part about a reception at Sunflower Hill, and probably my favorite part of their whole experience, is party cove. Within walking distance from the Reception, guests have a chance to step away from the loud music and walk into a beautiful old quarry. The stone wall reaches high above the bonfire pits where the Farm offers their "Smores Package." That's right. Of course, most weddings have cake for dessert, but who doesn't love smores, too? Sometimes it's nice to step away from the music, have a wonderful conversation by the fireside and enjoy delicious campfire Smores. What an intimate moment to chat with your guests too!

Photo Credit: Nicki McGuire

When you and your partner discuss where to host your wedding celebration, think about what's important to you as a couple. Love is organic, just like the flowers and crops that grow on this Farm. If you like breathing in fresh, clean air, scents of beautiful flowers, and enjoying that wine country sunset, Sunflower Hill Farm is the place for you.

Sunflower Hill Farm

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