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Serendipity Floral Design

As a young adult, Angela Moore, with Serendipity Floral Design, didn't necessarily see herself in the flower business. Majoring in vocal performance, she graduated from college with two music degrees. After graduation, Angela traveled the country for a year with The Children's Theatre and eventually settled back in Missouri. She continued in the music industry, working for a small business developing music books, but then stepped away from her job to raise her first child.

As an artist, Angela still strived for some creative outlet. Having some interest in floral design, she worked alongside Wendy, with The Savvy Bride, for about a year. Angela explained, "She was so great, she was amazing to work with, and that kind of helped me test out the world of weddings." The Savvy Bride specializes in wedding planning and coordination, but the owner, Wendy, has a strong knack for floral design. Angela learned in that year, being a wedding planner was not the career for her, but she was drawn to the floral arrangements and loved putting them together.

Angela decided to take an online course through The Floral Design Institute and reached out to another local florist to learn some more. From Roses + Mint, Kira invited Angela to her shop near main street St. Charles to show her some pointers. "Kira has been invaluable to me. She's been so helpful and so kind." With all the knowledge Angela gained from other local vendors, multiple floral design courses, She decided to take the leap and started Serendipity Floral Design in 2019.

From the start, Angela's business took off booking multiple weddings. With 2020 came Covid, and although Angela had some postponed events, she filled her time by participating in styled shoots. All of that hard work paid off as her work was published in print and online publications. In 2021, she won "best boutonnière" in a blog. Angela has found her niche in this field, and her clients have been nothing but pleased.

Transitioning out of the music industry wasn't necessarily an easy one. Angela identified herself as a vocal artist and like many of us feel at some point in our lives, Angela felt a bit of an identity crisis, "If I'm not a singer, who am I?" But creating Serendipity Floral design has given her that creative outlet while also giving her the freedom to raise her family.

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