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Jerry and Parrah's 50th Anniversary at Cedar Lake Cellars

Jerry and Parah's story began in 1970 when they attended South- east Missouri State. Parah's Resident Advisor holds the credit for this successful marriage, who was a childhood friend of Jerry's. Parah's RA and Jerry had planned to hang out one evening but had to cancel. She encouraged Jerry to instead take Parah out on a blind date! In romance comedies, they call this a "meet-cute." Following their first blind date, Jerry and Parah were inseparable. A year later, Jerry proposed, stating, "We might as well just get married." And so, on September 8, 1971, they did.

In fact, September 8 has become a tradition for weddings in this family. Both of their sons married on September 8: Clark and Amber in 2012, followed by Grant and Kate in 2021-only, two days before this 50th-anniversary party! Their sons and wives hosted the party and chose Cedar Lake Cellars knowing how much Parah and Jerry love the winery. The party was held in the Big Red Barn's bar and loft space which features an expansive deck with views of the lake. The interior was lovingly decorated with twinkle lights on every surface. Tabletops featured florals, photos, and a newsprint with 1971 headlines. The evening was highlighted by speeches and a slide show commemorating Parah and Jerry through their five decades. Cedar Lake Cellars was a beautiful backdrop to celebrate 50 years of marriage for this couple - that was just meant to be.

Photos by Diane Cannon Photography

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