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A word from Annie

Hello, and thank you so much for picking up a copy of Missouri Wine Country Weddings Magazine. Our winter issue is our second print, and I hope you like what you see. Except for college, I have lived in St. Charles, Missouri, my entire life. Whether I'm strolling along Main street or driving up and down 94, I always feel a sense of calm here. I know I'm close to home. Since creating this magazine, I've had many people ask me why. Why weddings? Why wine country? What do you consider wine country? I thought I'd use this opportunity to answer some of these questions.

I started this magazine because I wanted to promote more beautiful events in Missouri's wine country. I have been in the wedding industry for over ten years, capturing events through videography and photography. I have learned more about the city of St. Louis by filming weddings than I have lived in Missouri for 30 plus years. I've discovered hidden gems in Forest Park and unique city venues. I've dined on the fanciest plated meals by award-winning caterers in the big city. Now it's my turn to share a little piece of my part of town and show people the fantastic opportunities for events outside the city.

What is wine country? Is it the wine trail? Is it the whole Missouri Rhineland? To me, wine country is anywhere you feel the calm outside of the busy city. It is the wine trail through Defiance and Augusta; it is the Missouri Rhineland and the bluffs of Hermann, but it's so much more than that. There are also quality venues in and around St. Louis that provide more of a natural backdrop. In wine country, things are quieter, a little slower; there are fewer distractions when you're a little closer to nature.

Finally, why weddings? Because I love them. I love the concept of weddings, two people vowing to live life together as one, through the ups and downs of life. The creativity couples put towards their events is fascinating to me; from the big screen to real life, I love all things weddings. Through my passion for the industry and my strong motivation to promote the event professionals that can provide you quality service in the area, I hope my magazine can be your go-to resource to create your Missouri Wine Country Wedding.

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